Jacopo Luchini


Born without his left hand, Jacopo Luchini never allowed this to limit his passion for sport. He started swimming at the age of 3, winning medals in competitions for able-bodied men. Growing up, he dedicated himself to martial arts and football, but it was snowboarding that definitely won his heart.Transforming a passion into a profession, Jacopo lived and breathed snowboarding. He moved to Monte Cimone for the winter season, he balanced university studies and small jobs to spend as much time as possible on the snow.In 2015, his sporting career had a leap forward with a bronze medal at his first Italian Cup in Parasnowboard. From there, came the call to the national team and his first medal in the World Cup in 2017, followed by bronze at the World Cup.In 2018, Jacopo grazed the podium at the Winter Games in Korea. 2019 was the year of success: he won the SBX World Cup and two medals at the World Cup in Finland. 2020 brought the disappointment of the pandemic, but also a personal goal: he became the first master and coach of snowboarding with disabilities in Italy and Europe.After a sudden start in 2021, A knee injury hindered his race to the World Cup. But Jacopo did not stop. His main goal is the Winter Games in Beijing in 2022, and his biggest dream is the gold medal. And with the ambition and passion that leads him to be one of the first athletes with double sports federation, for a year is also an athlete of the Itlaian surf team.

On 11 March 2023 the Montemurlese Jacopo Luchini makes you talk again in the international press, and he graduated world champion in snowboard cross at the Paralympic Snowboard World Championships in La Molina (Spain).  Jacopo still has many adventures ahead of him.



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